Bread is indispensable for our tables. In our country, dozens of different types of bread products reach the consumer. Teaching the latest world hygiene and production rules has enabled the production processes to meet modern technology.

VOLVAC produces system solutions for the processing and packaging of both bread and all kinds of bakery products.


bakery products are mentioned, it is understood that they are either ready-to-eat or pre-treated and can be consumed after some additional processes and are cooked products obtained from grain flours. Cakes, pastries, pies, tart, phyllo dough, various fatty and milk donuts, pies, wafers, salty and additive cookies, instant cake, rusks, biscuits and similar products are included in this group.

These products are mainly divided into two groups as wet and dry: Dry bakery products; They are hygroscopic foods that can be stored for a long time, fragile, brittle, attract foreign taste-odor substances, have low water ratios, and are sensitive to oxidation, enzymatic reactions, non-enzymatic browning reactions and light.


If it is wet products; It can be stored for medium and long time, it is fragile, it can lose its taste-odor, its outer surfaces that can attract foreign taste and odor can dry during storage, are sensitive to oxidation, enzymatic reactions and microbial changes due to its high water activity.

The average bread consumption in our country is 400 g per person. There is an increase in the consumption of bakery products in lower income groups according to the socio-economic status of the individuals. Basically factors affecting consumption:

Habit / Working conditions / Gender / Childhood / Old age / Allocations in certain amounts applied in collective consumption places ...

Recently, we see that there are serious studies on nutritional value and processing-packaging techniques.

The use of cereals other than wheat for nutritional value, soybean, germ, bran, dry foods, milk powder, butter, whey, etc. Nutritionally modified products: light, diabetic, vitamin, guluten-free, etc. On the other hand, developments in grinding technology, dough, PLC-supported oven, functional cooking, ice cream technology, sour-dough method, packaging technology and packaging materials restructure the industry.

Bakery product sales show an increase in parallel with the population growth. Since it is consumed in almost every meal, especially bread, and is considered a staple food, its sales are generally not affected by inflation or other economic problems. In reality, sales tend to increase during times of crisis.

. The value of bakery products (bread, pastry products, cakes) sales was approximately 91.1% of the total sector sales.

. New product development, fierce advertising campaigns, and a busy lifestyle helped increase bakery sales. As the number of working couples increases, consumers are turning to supermarkets for ready-to-eat food and easy products.

. Local producers tend to dominate the industry.

. Especially the fast-food sector has reached a serious market size for bakery products and desserts.

VOLVAC engineers will have a solution for all your problems related to bakery products and desserts.