One of the basic elements of our tables is dairy products. VOLVAC produces suitable solutions for the processing and packaging of dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt and butter.

In particular, the standards applied by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in order to comply with the European Union norms in recent years have brought some obligations to the manufacturer in terms of packaging. We are already quite late in the industry for these norms to be followed.

As VOLVAC, we have been implementing solutions that comply with all these norms for years, and we can even say that we are even more advanced at some points.

Cheese, which has an important place among the foods of animal origin, is a food that is loved by our society and consumed with pleasure. In recent years, in parallel with the developments in science and technology, advances in production practices have caused changes in nutritional habits.

It is estimated that there are more than 4000 types of cheese in the world, it is reported that there are approximately 700 different types of cheese in England alone, and this number is around 400 in France and Italy. white cheese, turkey, cheese, goat cheese, especially the mihalic cheese, produced at a level that meets the local needs of civil, Circassian, sluices, about 50 cheese varieties such as horny cheese and herbed cheese are available. Containing protein, oil, mineral substances and vitamins in milk used in its production, cheese has an important place in meeting the need for B group vitamins.

Cheese; It is defined as a nutritious dairy product obtained by coagulating milk with rennet or organic acids, adding salt, sometimes tasting and fragrant harmless substances and sometimes starter molds, and consumed fresh or matured according to its type.

Cheese, which contains components such as protein, fat, mineral substances and vitamins in the composition of milk in concentrated form, has a great importance in nutrition in every society due to its superior nutritional value and being consumed with pleasure.

The most produced and traded cheeses in our country are produced in enterprises or factories with traditional methods differing according to regions and producers and marketed after maturation.

In recent years, in parallel with the developments in technology, we have taken important steps towards the use of modern methods in cheese production, as in many production units of the food industry. Cheese variety and excess weight are a factor that positively affects consumption. We are working on many new projects in order to increase the number of varieties by giving technological direction to their productions, thus ensuring the production of cheese varieties and packaging that can meet different requests and needs.

Today, we are using new methods in cheese production and packaging:

Portion and weight line: Whether cheese is granular or hot due to its structure, industrial production is possible in portioning machines in the desired shape and weight. On the other hand, we can achieve maximum shelf life at minimum cost with the safe food concept in cheese packaging, especially in pickled products.

Since the first day of its production, cheese has been considered sacred and always sought after in human life.

Turkey is a large country as well as product manufacturers have a serious consumers. In Turkey, as well as being insufficient volume of available production for export should be noted that manufacturers need the corporate structure.

Don't limit your dreams in cheese packaging. The world has made great strides in cheese presentation and has entered a quite different course. In order to compete with the world as an industry, we need to look forward to the packaging of our products.