Anatolian lands have a history dating back to millennia in terms of nuts, snacks and similar products. We have very valuable nut products grown only in our country. Unfortunately, we have offered these very precious products to the domestic and foreign markets only as field products for many years. At the end of our recent economic activities, we now offer these precious products of our country to the domestic and foreign markets with more added value. The variety of this presentation is limited only by our dreams.

Our industrial food industry has been undergoing a serious change in the last few years, with both global effects and the dynamics of the domestic market. Of course, it should not be forgotten in the reactions of the conscious end consumer that we can analyze the picture of today and tomorrow well.

Hazelnut, Apricot, Pistachio, Peanut, Walnut, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Chickpeas, Date and many other dried fruits; We produce packaging solutions that preserve the nutritional value and freshness of the products and provide long shelf life.

When we can see that adding value is an inevitable reality in the Fresh / Dry food industry, we think it is time to prepare an action plan for the work to be done and set out with a professional team.

Our projects that add value in fresh / dried Vegetables / Fruits:

  • . Product acceptance washing, selection and sorting,
  • . Calibration according to weight, diameter or color
  • . Various ways: single, finger, cubic and segment slicing
  • . Normal, vacuum or freeze-dry drying
  • . Lubrication and flavoring for different consumer groups
  • . Grilled prints, puree, vegetable sauces, soups and side dishes
  • . Portioning with multi-head weigher
  • . MAP, EMAP, VACUUM packaging in portion or bulk
  • . Heat treatment in packaging; Pasterization, sterilization, sous-vide
  • . Applications of functional packaging materials and advanced packaging technologies