Olive Packaging


As VOLVAC, we also offer solutions in olive processing, which is a very important product of our country. Our country has a very favorable position and potential for plant agriculture due to factors such as vegetation, climate, soil water resources, product diversity and the high population working in agriculture. In our country, in the table olive and olive oil sector, the producers' view of the issue in terms of quality will provide added value and permanent success to the producers, therefore, among the factors affecting the quality; Process and packaging solutions in accordance with today's technology should be developed together with the knowledge of production conditions, the effect of picking and olive variety, sensory properties, chemical compositions, antioxidant capacities, fatty acid composition and minimizing post-harvest deformations.

Although we are the largest producer and largest consumer country in the production of black table olives, we have many problems in processing and marketing. One of them is that traditional processing technology is still in use. The high salt content of the processed olives is one of the most important factors affecting exports.


Since green pickling consumption is not much in our country, most of the production is for export. The cultivation of green pickled olives, which are mostly produced in the Aegean region, requires more care and attention than black table cultivation. Since the color of the fruit is light, it is the most important quality criterion, as stains or bruises will directly hit the eye of the consumer. On the other hand, not all olive varieties are suitable for green pickling. In green pickled olives, as in black table, small seeds, coarse fruit, thin fruit peel and fruit meat that is not easily crushed and crushed during the pickling are desired..

The vast majority of black table production is consumed in the domestic market. Salt is not a preventive factor for the domestic market because salty, wrinkled olives are preferred in our country. However, in Kalamata type pickling, olives are in brine like pickles. Although this is a foreign taste for us, it is a point to be considered for export. A large part of our current exports are the countries where Turks living abroad seek the same taste with us.

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