VOLVAC offers trouble-free and trouble-free solutions in the packaging of liquid and paste-type liquid foods with its long years of experience. Various sauces and auxiliary materials are now offered to consumers for almost all kinds of food. In addition to these, our tables have very valuable and various appetizers and purees. As VOLVAC, we offer value added packaging solutions to all these products.

Sauce has become as indispensable for today's dining tables as salt and pepper. It offers us meals not simply, but with various flavor additives. Especially the younger generation prefers dishes with sauce. Food producers started to produce sauces in numerous varieties, flavors and appearances, taking into account the requests from the end user. While many products from pizza to ravioli, pita, and raw meatballs are offered for sale on the shelves of the market, there are always some auxiliary flavoring materials.

Meze is a magnificent part of Anatolian Culture. Thousands of appetizers, served as snacks next to the meals, reach our tables generally fed by the Aegean and Southeastern cultures. Hundreds of varieties of snack flavor additives such as Hummus, Russian Salad, Mancı, Acuka, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Eggplant Salad, Haydari and so on enrich our tables.

The variety of puree style products is increasing day by day. Puree, which was produced only from potatoes in the past, can now be prepared with all kinds of food products. Puree is used either as a snack or as a complement to the main dish.

As VOLVAC, it aims to deliver local flavors to the end user without any additives, aroma and taste loss. In this context, we have brought many valuable products to our tables with many manufacturers.

All MAP and Vacuum machines produced by VOLVAC provide trouble-free service in sauce / puree / appetizer packaging.

If you need support for sauce, paste and puree packaging, you are at the right place.