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Outer mold and mechanical parts are completely made of stainless steel materials. All the electrical, pneumatic and other technical materials required for the machine were not meticulously used and were used. Filled ready-made containers to be packed are placed on the table of the machine. The packaging process starts automatically while the button on the front of the machine moves to the inside position with both hands. Depending on the packaging program chosen, protective gas is supplied to the product package in the continuation of the atmospheric printing process. Then, the top film on the top of the packages is sealed with resistance jaws and cut from the edges of the packages with a cutting apparatus. After the tray returns to its exit position, the edge waste of the upper film is wrapped in the waste winding roll at the back of the machine. After this last step, the machine is prepared again for the next process. E26 model box sealing food is vacuumed and packaged with protective food gases at the same time, a long shelf life comes to the products at the same time and provides nutrients and protects. Reduce pre-waste of all kinds of fresh and processed meat, fish, other seafood, dairy products, fresh and dried vegetables, fruits, nuts and nuts from spoiling in a short time. The design of the machine is considered basic efficiency, performance, hygienic design and the simplest possible principle and use. It is kept in the foreground.