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3-year warranty vacuum packaging machines!

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All our model; It has 3 Years Warranty, AISI304 Stainless Steel design and CE Certificate. Thanks to 24 memory records; You can pre-determine your transactions for each record. In terms of their weight, our Set Top Vacuum Machine models are heavy enough to carry single and double people. Our Pedestal Vacuum Machine and Double Chamber Vacuum Machine models are easy to transport because they have wheels. From our blue LCD screen and membrane keypad instrument panel with Turkish, English, German and Italian language options; vacuum time, bonding temperature and vacuum gas duration can be adjusted. Vacuum gas kit is optionally added. In terms of noise, our models have a very quiet operating system.

Machine Dimensions 465 x 352 x 320 h mm
Plate Size (Standard) 190 x 144 x 80 h mm
Plate Depth 33 - 43 - 50 - 65 mm
Power 220 volt 50/60 Hz
Operation Time Approximately 3 seconds
Weight 25 kg
Outer Body stainless steel AISI304
Warranty 2 YEARS
Certificate CE