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Vacuum Machine W48 is a countertop vacuum packaging machine. Machine dimensions are 630x585x475 h mm and inner chamber size is 497x522x130 h mm. Pump capacity is 21 and 45 m³. It has two 480mm bonding jaws. The vacuuming time is between 15 and 25 seconds.

Vacuum machine W48 is generally recommended for normal vacuum packaging operations, and is the model that is ordered by customers who want practical use. It is a very useful model thanks to its dimensions in ideal dimensions due to the daily level of the product to be vacuumed.

All our models are guaranteed for 3 years, have CE Certificate and are completely designed in stainless steel AISI304. It is a system integrated into the machine according to the vacuuming need. It is standard in every produced machine. Thanks to the pipes in the inner chamber, it transfers the food gas to the inside during vacuuming. In vacuuming processes with food gas, the quality of the product is preserved for a longer time.

Authorized service is provided free of charge during the warranty period. At the end of the warranty period, maintenance and spare parts services are provided by our company, and the spare parts are delivered to our customer after the approval of the authorized personnel.

Dimensions 630 x 585 x 475 h mm
Chamber Size 497 x 522 x 130 h mm
Pump Capacity 21 m³ / h
Sealing Bar 480 mm (2 parts)
Power 220 volt 50/60 Hz
Wattage 2 kW
Weight 95 kg
Operation Time 15 - 25 seconds
Dış Kalıp Stainless steel AISI304
Warranty 3 YEARS
Certificate CE